With Apple and Google getting into the smart speaker market, we’re sure that some are wondering if Amazon’s headstart into the market might have given them an advantage. It turns out that it has, in fact it seems to still be proving to be a tremendous advantage because according to a report from Kantar (via PhoneArena), Amazon is still king.


This is based on a survey in which based on the 1,097 participants, it seems that about 60% of those participating own an Amazon Echo device. This covers a range of Echo speakers such as the original Echo, the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and the Echo Spot, all of which make up for around 66% of the market.

As for Google, it looks like they’re not doing too badly either as they command roughly 30% of the market. Apple’s HomePod wasn’t in the mix but it is possible that this could be due to the fact that the speakers weren’t released at the time of the survey. However based on an earlier survey, it was suggested that the HomePod had around 3% of the market.

Also it seems that according to the survey, the most used function of the smart speaker is for music, podcasts, or audio book playbacks. This is followed by reminders/alarms, checking the weather, and looking up information.

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