It’s safe to say that while Siri might have been one of the earlier digital assistants to have been launched, it isn’t quite on par with some of the other digital assistants that have come after it. Apple has made some improvements over time, but it is clear at the rate that Amazon’s Alexa is being adopted, Siri is not the preferred choice.

However Apple could be looking to change that, according to a report from The Information (paywall; via Cult of Mac) in which it claims that Apple could be looking to give Siri a major overhaul. The report claims that at the moment, it seems that Apple has no clear vision of what Siri should be.

This has become such a huge problem to the point where Apple can’t decide if they’d rather rip up the entire thing and start from scratch, or continue patching it and improving it over time. This seems to be in line with an earlier report in which Siri’s co-founder was surprised at how little Apple has achieved with Siri, or at least it fell short of his expectations and earlier predictions.

Assuming the report is accurate, this can’t bode well for the HomePod which seems to rely on Siri for pretty much the majority of its functionality. Not to mention we’re seeing many companies take advantage of Alexa and Google Assistant when it comes to voice support, a slice of the pie that we’re sure Apple would love to have. What Apple will decide is anyone’s guess, but what do you guys think? Should Siri be rebuilt from the ground up?

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