A report late last year suggested that Apple could be considering making its own power management chips, which some speculated could be ready this year. However according to a report from Reuters, it seems that won’t be happening anytime soon as Apple is expected to continue sourcing their power management chips from Dialog Semiconductor.

The report is based on Dialog’s Chief Executive Jalal Bagherli who told a German newspaper that Apple will continue using their chips until 2019 at the earliest or 2020. This means that for the next 1-2 years we won’t be seeing any Apple-made power management chips inside our iPhones or iPads just yet.

Given how much Apple likes to rely on themselves for hardware and software, last year’s report did not come as a surprise. There were even rumors that Apple could start making its own GPUs for its iPhone and might acquire the company that used to supply to them. This was later refuted by Apple, but it does seem to indicate that Apple would much rather rely on themselves than outsiders.

In any case we doubt that if Apple were to switch to their own chips that the average iPhone user could tell the difference, but we’ll just have to wait and see over the next few years if an Apple-made power management chip could have an advantage over what’s already available.

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