We’ve all made bad decisions when drunk, such as eating uncooked food, calling people in the dead of the night, and sometimes spending more than we should have, which is what a certain Kenny Bachman did when he got drunk after a night out partying with his friends where he ended up taking a 300 mile Uber trip that cost him $1,600.

While a 300 mile Uber trip would no doubt be pricey, this was compounded even further by the fact that he took that trip in an Uber XL, which usually costs more, and during a price surge, meaning that he essentially paid double of what a normal 300 mile Uber ride would have cost. Speaking to NJ.com, Bachman said, “I just woke up, and I’m thinking, ‘Why the f—- am I in the car next to some random ass dude I don’t even know?”

Bachman had thought he had hired an Uber to take him back home to his campus of West Virginia University, but accidentally hired an Uber to take him back home in Gloucester County. Now like how most people would react, Bachman did not want to accept that he had to pay $1,600 for an Uber ride and he tried to contest it, initially thinking that the Uber driver might have somehow tampered with his phone.

However after Uber confirmed that the ride was legit, it seems that Bachman has decided to accept his fate and will reportedly be paying the fare. In a way it is ironic as Bachman was being responsible by choosing to Uber home instead of driving, but ended up paying the price anyway.

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