While there are female gamers out there, for the most part the gaming scene is mostly still seen as something of a boy’s club. However this is something that many are hoping to change, such as Twitch who recently launched a grant to help female streamers get off the ground, attend more events, and upgrade their equipment.


Now it looks like Facebook is trying to do the same as well, and have recently launched a campaign called “Women in Gaming” that wants to promote the women already in the gaming scene. However it won’t be just about female gamers, but also those who work behind the scenes at developer studios. It also looks at females who are working in high-powered positions in gaming companies, such as Kati Levoranta who is the CEO of Rovio, the company behind the insanely popular Angry Birds franchise.

The campaign was announced by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg who says, “Gaming is one of the best examples of people connecting around their interests, and women have a really important part to play in this industry.” She also cites how many women actually make up the gamer population, along with how there are some very strong female lead characters in video games today.

If you’re interested in learning more about “Women in Gaming”, you can head on over to Facebook’s website for the details.

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