While consoles like the Xbox One are known primarily for gaming, it can also be used for entertainment and social purposes. The good news is that if you wanted more ways to use your Xbox One besides gaming, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Facebook Video app for the Xbox One has been launched.


For those unfamiliar, the Facebook Video app is where users can watch videos that have been uploaded onto Facebook. In a way the idea behind Facebook Video is to be like YouTube, where users can find videos uploaded by their friends or Pages that they follow. Also based on your interests and personal preference, users will be able to discover new videos, along with live videos that are popular and ongoing.

This should provide a nice break for gamers who might want to take a break from gaming, and instead of turning away from the TV and to their computers or smartphone, the Facebook Video app will let them watch videos on their TV from the same console, giving users the added convenience which should no doubt aid with its adoption.

The app should already be live so if you have the Xbox One, head on over to the Microsoft Store to get your hands on it.

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