Image credit – Township of Langley Fire Department Field Report

Fires can be caused by all kinds of electronic malfunctions, but a couple in Canada are blaming what they are alleging to be a faulty iPhone that caused their farmhouse to burn down, resulting in them being forced to close their business, which is said to be a kids camp and also provides sustainable farming tours.


According to the couple, Cathy and Ian Finley, they believe that the fire was caused by an three-month old iPhone 6 that was plugged in their living room and left to charge. This is based on the investigation by fire officials who found the blackened device and suggested that “it would appear that the phone or charger generated enough heat to ignite”.

However this is just speculation at the moment based on the initial findings as there is no official determination of the cause of the fire yet. However the couple have since demanded that Apple pay them $600,000 in uninsured losses. The plight of the Finley’s have also caught the attention of people who have been supporting the couple’s business and have signed petitions on and Facebook demanding that Apple compensate them.

Apple claims that they are looking into the issue, but according to the Finleys, Apple isn’t committing to any further action until they get their hands on the burnt iPhone and cord, which is said to be in the hands of a private forensic firm that is working for the fire officials. They also claim that their insurer and Apple have since become adversarial which is slowing down the process even further.

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