Apple’s HomePod speakers aren’t cheap, but one of the ways that Apple is trying to set themselves apart from the competition is by claiming better sound quality. So far this has been somewhat proven true based on tests and reviews, but unfortunately that might no longer be the case no thanks to a recent update.

Apple has recently released an update for the HomePod which is usually a good thing, but unfortunately it seems that the update might have messed with the speaker’s sound quality. This is according to a post on Reddit (via AppleInsider) and other social media platforms in which a number of users are alleging that the update has somewhat degraded the bass impact and loudness, leaving them with a dull-sounding speaker.

However at the same time, there are some who appear to appreciate the reduction in bass, claiming that before it was too overwhelming. This wouldn’t be a problem if Apple allowed users to manually adjust the EQ of the speakers, but since that isn’t the case, this means that users are more or less stuck with whatever Apple thinks sounds best.

That being said, audio quality does range from listener to listener in terms of preference and also the type of music you are listening to. Whether or not this is a “problem” is unclear, but it is clear that Apple did change something that has ignited this debate.

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