One of the features we’re starting to see more companies introduce to their smartphone cameras is Portrait Mode. We suppose this was started when Apple introduced the iPhone 7 Plus where thanks to the use of dual cameras, it allowed users to achieve a similar bokeh effect that one would normally expect to see from a DSLR.


However what if not all of us have the latest smartphones? The good news is that if you use Instagram, you could be getting a similar feature. According to a report from TechCrunch, one of their readers Ishan Agarwal shared images with them that showed that in an APK teardown of Instagram’s Android app, it revealed an icon for what appears to be Portrait Mode.

Now the icon doesn’t actually tell us what it does, but the speculation is that Instagram could be developing a software version of Portrait Mode. Now there is a precedent for companies using software to emulate the bokeh effect, like what Google did with the Pixel 2 to great effect, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Instagram could have developed something further.

However as is the case with APK teardowns, what we see might not always make it to the finished product, and there’s also no telling when it will. A recent APK teardown has also revealed that Instagram could be working on voice and video calling features for its app.

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