It was reported earlier this year in January that Apple Music boss Jimmy Iovine was going to leave the company. He joined Apple in 2014 when he and Dr. Dre sold their headphone and music streaming company Beats that they co-founded back in 2008 to Apple for $3 billion. Iovine, a former CEO of Interscope, was said to exit Apple after his Apple shares vested fully. That report was denied but a new one suggests that while he may not leave the company, Iovine will take on a reduced role at Apple.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Iovine will be reducing his involvement with Apple Music starting in August this year. He’s reportedly going to transition to a consulting role and won’t be involved with the daily operations of Apple’s music streaming service.

Apple and Iovine haven’t commented on the report as yet so it’s unclear right now how much truth there is in these claims. A step down to a consulting role would suggest that it just sets the stage for Iovine’s eventual exit from Apple and that might very well be the case.

However, Iovine may not be giving up his duties at Apple because he’s thinking of switching jobs. The Journal hears from its sources that Iovine is planning to spend more time with his family after he steps down to a consulting role and that he would assist Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue as and when required.

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