These days browsers come with push notifications to let us know when a site is trying to access our location, or to ask if we want to allow a website to send us notifications. In a way it’s good because this can help protect the user’s privacy in some instances, but if you hate these notifications especially if a site you’re viewing is a one-off thing, then Mozilla’s latest Firefox release might be worth checking out.


In the latest release of Firefox 59, it seems that Mozilla has given the browser the ability to block notifications. This means that if you don’t want to be reminded of certain things or be asked for permission, you can block those notifications. This doesn’t mean that you consent to all site requests by default, but rather you would be ignoring them outright. Like we said, sometimes you just want to quickly check on something and don’t want to have to deal with these notifications getting in your way.

That being said, this shouldn’t be confused with a recent report which suggested that in-page popup blockers could be coming to Firefox soon. Popup blockers aren’t new but Mozilla’s version will apparently be smart enough to detect and block popups as opposed to relying on a predefined blacklist. In any case the latest version of Firefox should already be available for download, so head on over to Mozilla’s website for the details.

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