Right now Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant pretty much exists in two forms: an audio product like a speaker, or in a smartphone. However it seems in the future we might be seeing more Alexa-powered devices launched that don’t necessarily come in either forms, and instead could be coming in the form of a lamp.


The company has recently announced a reference design for an Alexa-powered lamp. What this means is that manufacturers who want to created Alexa home products that aren’t necessarily speakers, this lamp could be used as an alternative. This particular reference design comes from an ODM called Adition and the device will feature both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, a couple of microphones, and a dimmable light.

This would not be the first Alexa-powered lamp as a couple of years ago, GE unveiled their own Alexa lamp. However for whatever reason this has never really caught on, but Amazon’s announcement of the reference design could be a sign that the company is looking into more platforms in which Alexa could find its way onto.

When exactly will we see more Alexa lamps in the future remains to be seen, but it is a pretty clever way of bringing more Alexa products into the homes of their customers.

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