If Blizzard hopes to make Overwatch a mainstay in the eSports scene, naturally there will need to be certain rules that are imposed on players if they’re hoping to create and maintain a positive image regarding the Overwatch competitive scene. Now it looks like we might have an idea of what kind of rules that Blizzard imposes on Overwatch League players.

This is according to a leaked hard copy of the Overwatch code of conducted that was shared by eSports broadcaster Richard Lewis. The code of conduct was originally supposed to have been shared by commissioner Nate Nanzer about two months ago, but for whatever reason it has yet to be released officially.

However assuming that this leak is the real deal, it gives us an insight into the various rules and regulations that Blizzard has for Overwatch League players. For the most part this is a rule book on what players are and aren’t allowed to do when it comes to streaming. However there are some odd rules that seem rather restrictive, such as how pro players are not allowed to directly or indirectly endorse another game that they are playing.

It also mentions how Overwatch pro players have to sort of take responsibility for their fans as well and make “reasonable efforts” towards “discouraging any commentary that could bring any Protected Entity into Disrepute”. The entire rulebook can be found here if you’re interested, but like we said as Blizzard has yet to confirm the authenticity, take it with a grain of salt for now.

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