If you’re a fan of Square Enix’s RPGs that aren’t necessarily Final Fantasy, then you might have heard that last year, the company announced that they would be launching a new RPG called Octopath Traveler. For those looking for more details and a release date, Square Enix has obliged with exactly that.

During the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the company has recently released a new trailer for the upcoming game as well as confirming that the game will be released on the 13th of July, 2018. For those unfamiliar, this is a brand new RPG by Square Enix that will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It is an interesting RPG because in addition to combat, there will be different characters that gamers can choose from that have attributes that aren’t necessarily combat-related.


For example in the trailer above, Square Enix revealed two characters from the game such as Tressa, a merchant character who can purchase items from all NPCs in the game that other characters wouldn’t normally be able to buy from. Then there is Alfyn the apothecary whose skill is digging for information on others.

Like we said these aren’t necessarily features you would expect from RPGs, but it does sound like fun. Plus the art in the game does look rather unique, which Square Enix is calling “HD-2D”.

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