As it gets more difficult to evade fake news, it’s important now more than ever to seek out legitimate news publications to form an opinion. Good journalism often comes at a cost and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s impossible to support good journalism without resources which is why some of the top news publications require subscriptions. However, sometimes the drawn-out process of actually subscribing to those publications tends to push people. Google today announced that it’s simplifying that process with a new program called Subscribe with Google.


Subscribing to a publication requires filling several fields with your name, email address, and maybe even a username. You then have to enter a password that often has to contain special characters and numbers making it even difficult to remember and we have not even reached the part where you configure your credit card details.

Google feels that this process should be more simple which is why it has announced Subscribe with Google. It’s billed as the simplest way to subscribe to news publications and maintain access across devices and even search results.

Subscribe with Google will let users buy a news subscription using their Google account on participating news sites. It’s as easy as selecting the publisher you prefer and then clicking on “Subscribe.” That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve used this program to subscribe, you will be automatically signed into the publication’s site and from then on you can use Sign In with Google to access the publisher’s premium content.

Launch partnerships for Subscribe with Google include Financial Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Telegraph, and many more. Other partners will be added down the line as well.

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