Image credit – Simple Fun / WIRED

YouTube Kids is meant to be a safe haven of sorts where only children-appropriate videos will be allowed. However in recent times there has been some discovery of rather disturbing videos including conspiracy videos which are clearly a bad idea for such young and impressionable minds.

YouTube claims to be doing something about it, but it seems that whatever they’re doing isn’t enough. In a recent report from WIRED, it appears that disturbing videos are still being featured in YouTube Kids despite the company’s best efforts at trying to crack down on such videos from making it past its filters.

For example in WIRED’s report, they came across videos that featured popular children’s characters in disturbing situations, such as Peppa Pig tricked into eating bacon. There are also cartoon characters being sexualized, and also depictions of suicide attempts, and also videos that show disturbing ways of getting abortions, all of which are very obviously not kid-friendly.

According to YouTube, “We’ve taken a series of tough actions to better protect families on YouTube, including getting content down faster through technology, hiring more people to help us tackle content that breaks our rules, and cutting the revenue streams to content that misleads families. The YouTube team is made up of parents who are committed to improving our products and getting this right.”

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