Spotify may be the most popular paid music streaming service on the planet right now but Apple Music is hot on its heels. No other paid music streaming service has come close to Spotify’s lead other than Apple Music and it looks to be in a position to eventually match and even overtake Spotify. The company obviously won’t just sit idly by and watch that happen so it’s making its own moves to counter Apple, one of those moves involves bringing over the hip-hop and R&B curator for Apple Music over to Spotify.

Spotify has more than 70 million paid subscribers as of January 2018 while Apple Music recently passed 40 million paid subscribers. It’s gaining on its main rival rather quickly.

Carl Chery was the curator for hip-hop and R&B programming on Apple Music. He has been credited for bringing two Chance the Rapper exclusives for Apple’s music streaming service. He has also played an instrumental role in building the service’s hip-hop playlists and popularizing new artists like Post Malone and Cardi B.

Variety reports that Chery is leaving Apple for Spotify where he will be curating the service’s RapCaviar playlist which happens to be one of Spotify’s most popular playlists. His predecessor at the company, Tuma Basa, moved over to YouTube not too long ago.

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