Have you ever unlocked your smartphone in the morning only to be blinded by the phone’s display? It is rather annoying and probably not good for your eyes, but it seems that iPhone users might have something to look forward to in the future, thanks to a recently discovered patent filed by Apple.

According to the patent, it describes a way in which iPhone users can have their eyes protected from bright screens while using them in the dark. The patent, dubbed “Luminescence Shock Avoidance in Display Devices”, will basically limited how bright a screen can be when it is turned on in the dark.

How it works is pretty simple where the phone’s ambient sensors will detect how dark the room is and then automatically adjusts the brightness when the phone is turned on. This is versus current methods where the phone’s brightness levels are only adjust after it has been turned on, which like we can lead to users blinding themselves (temporarily).

It’s not a particularly groundbreaking patent but we wouldn’t mind seeing such a feature built into iPhones in the future. However given that this is a patent that was filed back in 2007, we’re not sure if there are plans to make it a reality, since we’re sure Apple would have done so if they wanted to already.

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