We’ve seen how AI can be used in beneficial ways, but according to a recent report from The Intercept, it seems that Facebook might be using AI in not-so-beneficial ways in which the social network apparently wants to leverage AI to predict the behavior of its users, after which they will then sell that predicted behavior to advertisers.


As it stands companies like Facebook and Google use targeted advertising where based on your search history, likes, and interactions, advertisers will be able to craft specific ads that might interest said user. However according to The Intercept’s report, they have gotten their hands on an alleged confidential Facebook document that talks about using AI to predict how users will behave, and then sell those predictions to advertisers who might then be able to stay ahead of users when it comes to marketing and advertising products.

For example in the document, it reveals how Facebook could potentially comb through its entire user base and looking for individuals who are “at risk” of jumping ship from one brand to another. Based on that prediction, advertisers could then be more aggressive with their ads and promotions for that particular user in an attempt to try and get them to stay with the brand.

Following the data privacy scandal that Facebook is currently embroiled in, there is no doubt that this revelation, if true, will probably not go down too well either.

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