By now everyone should have heard about Facebook’s data privacy scandal. There is a huge uproar where there is even a #DeleteFacebook movement that is taking place (although it seems that it doesn’t really matter), but despite the fuss that’s being kicked up, Facebook users don’t appear to be changing their privacy settings.


In a report from The Wall Street Journal (via Engadget), it seems that Facebook users for the most part haven’t changed their privacy settings in any meaningful ways. This was revealed by Carolyn Everson, Facebook VP of global marketing solutions who said, “We have not seen wild changes in behavior with people saying I’m not going to share any data with Facebook anymore.”

According to Everson, she also believes that despite everything that has happened, she does not anticipate this impacting Facebook’s revenue or business model in a major way. Assuming she is correct, this is rather interesting because ever since Facebook disclosed the data abuse by Cambridge Analytica, they have taken various steps to make it easier for users to adjust their privacy settings, but apparently not many users are taking them up on it.

We’re not sure why that is, it could be that there are some users who still don’t know what these settings do, or maybe some just simply do not care, but what do you guys think? Have you made any major changes to your Facebook’s privacy settings following the hoo-ha?

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