In the past there have been rumors that Google could be working on a future operating system which would merge Android and Chrome OS together, although the company had previously dismissed such rumors. However according to more recent speculation, Google could still have something similar planned.


In a post on Reddit (via 9to5Google) that points at some new commits, it appears that Google could be working on something called “AltOS”. Not much is known about “AltOS” but it has been speculated that this could be a feature that will allow users to swap between operating systems on a computer, such as between Chrome OS and Windows.

At this point in time, users have to choose between buying a Chromebook which only runs Chrome OS, or a Windows laptop. This is versus buying a Mac where there are software that will let users boot up either Windows or macOS. Assuming the speculation about the commit is accurate, it sounds like future Chromebooks could offer up similar functionality where users can choose their own operating system based on their needs.

We suppose this isn’t really that much of a stretch because take away the software, a Chromebook is essentially a laptop that for the most part has the same innards as a Windows laptop, so being able to run Chrome OS and Windows doesn’t sound impossible. However whether or not this will happen remains to be seen, but we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled until more information is made available.

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