Sprint subscribers have had access to a fully integrated Google Voice experience since 2011 as a result of a partnership between the two companies. It enabled subscribers to make calls with their Sprint number and get access to Google Voice features such as voicemail transcription, call forwarding to multiple numbers, call recording, and more. Even after Google relaunched Voice in 2017 the integration continued to work but it has now reached the end of the road. It has been officially confirmed that the Google Voice Sprint integration is going to end later this year.

This move doesn’t come as a surprise, though, given that Sprint disabled sigups for new accounts for Voice integration last year. An email has been sent out to users informing them that Google Voice Sprint integration is going to be shut down on June 1st this year. It’s happening because of the changes that Sprint is making to its network.

The email mentions that following the upgrades to Sprint’s network, the carrier will no longer support Google Voice with Sprint integration. This change will thus affect any and all Google Voice users who use their number on their Sprint phone using the carrier’s built-in Google Voice features.

All outgoing calls and texts will be made through Sprint at the carrier’s calling and texting rates after June 1st, 2018. No messages, calls, and voicemails sent from the Sprint device will be stored in Google Voice, however, users will be able to see their call history, messages, and voicemail from before June 1st, 2018.

Any and all Google Voice-enabled features that were previously available will no longer be supported. Users who blocked any phone numbers in Google Voice will have to re-block them in MySprint or on their device.

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