Given how mobile the Nintendo Switch is, it’s not surprising that quite a few gamers thought that Blizzard’s Hearthstone was a good fit for the console, leading to rumors that Hearthstone could be coming to the console. Blizzard has since refuted those rumors but it seems that those rumors just refuse to die.

In fact at PAX East 2018, Hearthstone director Ben Brode reiterated that there are no plans to bring Hearthstone onto the Switch. “It’s possible but right now we don’t have any plans to do that. We are already on mobile so a lot of players who have Switches also have mobile devices and they could play on those devices or tablets. There are things like you have to be online to play with players and you keep your collection online so there’s stuff that is just a little more challenging there.”

Brode also notes that he is a fan of the console, but he also feels that Hearthstone might not necessarily be a 100% perfect fit. “I’m not sure that Hearthstone would be 100 percent perfect there. Also, we’re also servicing a lot of those players via mobile and tablet. So, I don’t know but we don’t have any current plans.”

It is a bit of a pity but as Brode points out, Hearthstone is already playable on the computer, phone, and tablet, which means that players are already bound to own a device that they can play Hearthstone on and so launching a Switch version might not necessarily be the best use of Blizzard’s time and resources.

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