The Nintendo Switch is a console that is typically viewed as a gaming device. However KORG expects that they will change that perception because come 26th of April, the KORG Gadget for the Nintendo Switch will be launched where through the console, users will be able to create their own music from scratch.


The title was announced last year and for those unfamiliar, KORG is a company that specializes in gadgets and devices that help produce electronic music, and it looks like they’ll be bringing some of that onto the Switch. Through the use of the Joy-Cons, users will be able to navigate the user interface to craft their own electronic songs. What’s interesting is that KORG has leveraged the motion controls where users can turn the Joy-Con to mimic turning a knob.

There will also be a multiplayer mode where up to four users will be able to collaborate at once, so if you reckon you’re better at creating drum beats, you can do that while another friend works on the bass line, another on the synth, and so on. It is a very interesting use of the Switch that isn’t necessarily a game and opens the possibility that we might see more non-gaming titles make its way onto the Switch in the future.

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