Microsoft and Apple’s feud against each other is well-documented, although we suppose it’s not really a feud but more of an intense rivalry where both companies have put out products that seem to be similar to each other, at least in functionality, such as computers, software, smartphones, and so on.

However could it all be in the past now? That’s what Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossella seems to imply. According to a report from Cheddar, the Microsoft executive claims that Microsoft has found that it is “far better” for the company to focus on their own fans, implying that it might be better to try and focus on the customers you already have than the ones that you do not.

He also mentions how by focusing on your own fans, they will do the marketing for you where they will talk up your products, recruit others to hop onto the Microsoft bandwagon, and so on. Capossella also states that the company’s fans are also the ones who will be more than happy to point out features that they like, dislike, or want in the future.

That being said while Microsoft might consider this “feud” over, we suppose it will probably be a long time, if not forever, that comparisons between Microsoft and Apple will be drawn, at least as long as Windows and macOS are still around.

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