When it comes to TV shows and movies, there are various genres available that target all kinds of viewers. For example you have genres like drama, reality, documentary, fantasy, sci-fi, and so on. Each genre obviously appeals to different types of people, but if sci-fi and/or fantasy TV shows and movies appeal to you in particular, Netflix has you covered.

This is according to a recent study conducted by analytics firm Ampere Analysis (via Business Insider) in which they found that in Q1 2018, the sci-fi and fantasy genre was the most popular of Netflix original shows amongst subscribers. It even managed to overtake comedy as the most popular genre where 12% of subscribers chose it as their favorite genre of TV show.

In fact it seems that Netflix could be looking to build on that popularity and are said to focus more on sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and movies from here on out. We suppose a good example of tht would be Stranger Things in which season 3’s production is already underway and a fourth and possible fifth season could also be in the cards for the future.

Netflix has also released other originals around the genre such as Altered Carbon, Lost in Space, and TV series based around various Marvel superhero characters, all of which have new seasons in the works as well. Given that Disney is expected to launch their own streaming service next year and with Star Wars and Marvel under their belt, it’s not surprising that Netflix would want to step up their game.

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