The unfortunate fatal crash involving an Uber self-driving car has reignited interest in the conversation related to the overall safety and security of cars that are capable of driving themselves. NVIDIA is one of the companies that provides tech for Uber’s self-driving project and the company has decided to set the record straight on the elements of its technology that are used by Uber in the wake of the fatal crash.


Amid reports that Uber uses NVIDIA’s autonomous vehicle computing platform, NVIDIA co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang set the record straight earlier this week by confirming that NVIDIA’s self-driving computing platform is not used by Uber. “Uber develops their own sensing and driving technology,” he said during the Q&A session at the company’s annual GPU Technology Conference.

What Uber does use is NVIDIA’s standard GPU but it doesn’t use the self-driving platform. A spokesperson for Uber has also confirmed that the company only sources standard GPUs from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA has been testing its own self-driving car technology with test cars on public roads but the company announced earlier this week that it’s going to halt testing its autonomous vehicles on public roads for some time. It was reported that this was perhaps due to the technology that’s connected to Uber’s self-driving cars but NVIDIA has now dispelled that notion.

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