Recently a sketch of the upcoming Black Shark gaming smartphone was leaked which showed off a phone with flat corners. Now thanks to a new leak, an alleged live photo of the upcoming handset has been revealed, although admittedly it’s a bit hard to tell what the phone could look like as it appears to be encased in some kind of protective covering.

We’re not sure what kind of protective casing this is, whether it was designed to be part of the phone or if it is simply being used to protect its identity ahead of its reveal. However from what we can tell, it looks like the handset in question will feature dual rear-facing cameras along with a flash unit on the back. The lack of any visible fingerprint sensor on the back would suggest that it could be on the front, unless Black Shark were to go with a different design.

For those hearing about this for the first time, Black Shark is a company backed by Xiaomi and who will apparently be launching a smartphone for gaming. Rumors have been swirling that Xiaomi could be interested in such a device and we guess in a way this would be like them launching it. This is also on the heels of Razer who last year launched the Razer Phone which was billed to be a smartphone aimed at gamers.

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