On Facebook when you have several friends/pages share a link, instead of seeing individual posts, sometimes you’d see the main link followed by grouped posts of the people that shared it. It is definitely less messy and less confusing than seeing multiple posts of the same link but at different intervals on your News Feed.

That seems to be a feature that Twitter is adopting, according to a report from BuzzFeed News who spotted the new feature. Twitter has since confirmed that this is something that they are working on and it will be rolling out to iOS, Android, and web users in the near future, which you can see in the screenshot to the right.

Basically in the screenshot to the right, it shows the Home Timeline of Twitter users where if more than one person in your network shares the link of a news article, it will be grouped together instead of users seeing multiple, individual posts. It will group those links together along with the tweets/captions of the people who shared it.

This change is the latest in Twitter’s efforts to leverage its platform to help spread news. The company has been making changes over the past couple of years where they want to use their network as a platform for news, whether it be live broadcasts or testing out ways to share breaking news.

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