Apple’s acquisitions, at least the ones we have heard and know about, tend to lead to the app/service shutting down. A good example would be Apple’s acquisition of Beats where they eventually shut Beats Music down. Then there was also their acquisition of Workflow where the company later announced that the app would no longer be receiving significant updates.

This is why it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to learn that Apple will be shutting down the Texture app for Windows. According to emails sent to users of the Windows app and in a note in the app, it says that the app will no longer work and will no longer be available in the Microsoft Store after the 30th of June.

Apple does not mention why that is, but this only seems to affect the Windows version of the app. The Amazon Fire, Android, and iOS version of Texture is expected to continue to operate, although we still don’t have any idea as to what Apple might plan to do with it. There has been some speculation that Apple’s acquisition of Texture could be part of the company’s plans to launch a News subscription service.

There have also been rumors that said that Apple was looking to acquire publisher Conde Nast, adding fuel to the fires. In any case only time will tell as to what will become of the Texture app, whether Apple plans on keeping it around or if eventually Texture’s services will be folded into an app/service of Apple’s own making.

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