Fox aired the first three seasons of Arrested Development in the early 2000s and then canceled the show after it didn’t take off the way the network had imagined it would. However, it has always retained a cult following which compelled Netflix to sign a deal in 2013 to bring the show back for a fourth season after Fox gave up on it. It has taken Netflix some time to get everyone back together for a fifth season but that finally happened and starting today, all episodes of Arrested Development season 5 are available for streaming on Netflix.


The new season is much more in sync with the first three seasons of the show than the fourth season was. Many fans felt that the last season was disjointed and confusing so it’s good to see that the people behind the show took notice of that and made amends.

Fans of the show will already be well aware that the new season brings back the entire original cast which includes Jeffrey Tambor, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, David Cross, and others.

Arrested Development season 5 has 16 episodes but the release has been split into two parts. The first eight episodes are now available on Netflix while the remaining eight will be released at some point in the second half of this year.

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