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New Arrested Development Episodes Air March 15th On Netflix
Netflix has been the new home for Arrested Development for a couple of years now. The streaming giant has kept one of its first few semi-originals around and has confirmed that new Arrested Development episodes will be out next month. This will be the second half of the show’s fifth season which arrives ten months after the first half.

Arrested Development Season 5 Released On Netflix
Fox aired the first three seasons of Arrested Development in the early 2000s and then canceled the show after it didn’t take off the way the network had imagined it would. However, it has always retained a cult following which compelled Netflix to sign a deal in 2013 to bring the show back for a fourth season after Fox gave up on it. It has taken Netflix some time to […]

Arrested Development Fifth Season Release Split By Netflix
Netflix recently released a trailer for the fifth season of Arrested Development. The cult comedy’s fans have been waiting for a long time for the new season to arrive and it’s going to be premiered on the online streaming service later this month. However, Netflix won’t be releasing the entire season at once. It’s actually going to split the season into two parts and only the first part is going […]

Arrested Development Season 5 Release Confirmed
Arrested Development achieved the status of a cult classic a long time back. Fans of the show were not happy that Fox decided to axe it from its lineup. They were happy when Netflix decided to bring it back. The online streaming service has since released a season of Arrested Development. It has now confirmed that the Arrested Development season 5 release is going to take place next year.


New Arrested Development Season Will Be Confirmed Soon
To say that Arrested Development is a fan favorite would be an understatement. This much-loved show soon became a cult hit after Fox aired it back in 2003. However, the network decided to cancel it after the third season in 2006. Netflix did fans a solid and brought it back as a semi-original series. The fourth season was released by Netflix in 2013 and since then there has been talk […]

New Arrested Development Season Coming To Netflix In 2016
Arrested Development is one of those TV shows that you just can’t keep down because they have such a passionate fan following. It originally aired on Fox back in 2003 and only lasted three seasons. Some seven years later Netflix picked it up for a fourth season and released 15 new episodes. Fans have been waiting for a couple of years now for the next season and everything seems to be […]