Arrested Development is one of those TV shows that developed a cult following. Fans were obviously upset when the network canned the show quite a few years back, but they were overjoyed when Netflix announced that it would be making another season. Netflix did make another season and launched all the episodes exclusively on its own service. Since then there has been much talk about a new season but no concrete information has been provided. Well, now we do have some information on the next Arrested Development season.

During an interview with Bill Simmons the executive producer of Arrested Development, Brian Grazer, confirmed that 17 new Arrested Development episodes are being planned.

“People are loyal to it, and we’re gonna do another… 17 episodes. So stay tuned for Arrested Development,” he says during the interview.

This is the first bit of concrete information that we’ve received regarding the next AD season, a firm episode count, but still there are many details that have not yet been revealed.

One of the reasons why information has been so hard to come by is because the way that this show is filmed. It requires schedules of many of the different cast members to meet and that can be tricky since they tend to have other commitments as well.

Grazer didn’t provide a timeline though which is why it’s unclear at this point in time when the next season of Arrested Development will be released.

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