One of the ways to charge an electric car would be to plug it in, much like you would plug your smartphone or laptop. However just like our smartphones which are starting to feature more wireless charging, it looks like BMW’s wireless charging solution for electric cars is only a couple of months away.


In a report from Autoblog, it has been confirmed that BMW’s wireless charging mat for electric cars will be launching this coming summer. This means that if you wanted to charge your car, all you’d have to do is drive on top of the mat and the charging begins. This also means you can just drive off whenever you want without worrying about unplugging the cable.

However there is a catch and that is this wireless charging mat will only be available for lease for the BMW 530e iPerformance in Europe, and the 530e in California for those living in the US. This is apparently because over in Europe, leasing is a more popular option compared to buying outright, which is why BMW might have adopted that model instead.

It also won’t be like a wireless charger for phones where you can just leave your device on it and it will charge. Instead an in-car display on the infotainment system will show drivers how to position their vehicles properly over the mat. Its availability will be limited for now, but presumably if successful then hopefully we will see its technology being adopted by more companies in the future.

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