Security experts have been expressing that two-factor authentication is a more secure method of protecting our accounts compared to more traditional methods which just involve the use of a username and password. Many companies have since enabled this and provided it as an option, such as Facebook who has recently announced some changes to the system.

According to Facebook’s announcement, they are making some changes to their two-factor authentication system that will be easier to set up and use. One of those changes involve removing the need for a phone number during the registration process, which should make it easier for those who’d rather not register their number.

Facebook writes, “We previously required a phone number in order to set up two-factor authentication, to help prevent account lock-outs. Now that we have redesigned the feature to make the process easier to use third-party authentication apps like Google Authenticator and Duo Security on both desktop and mobile, we are no longer making the phone number mandatory.”

For those unfamiliar with two-factor authentication, this is a security system that many banks use. It involves generating a one-time password that users have to enter in addition to their regular login details, which means that in the event your username and password is figured out, as long as the hacker doesn’t have access to your phone or the security dongle that some banks give out, they won’t be able to enter your account.

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