Image credit – Nine Associati

One of the joys of building LEGO sets is that the possibilities are endless. This is because the entire set is built up brick by brick, which means that users have the option to mix and match various bricks and colors to create something truly unique, which is why we reckon the Stüda furniture is such a great idea.

Designed by Italian design firm Nine Associati, the Stüda is a LEGO-compatible table that are covered in studs which are meant for LEGO bricks to be stuck onto. Because they are studs that will fit LEGO bricks, it means that you’ll be able to put LEGO on the sides vertically and not worry about them falling off, within reason of course.

While it looks like something more for kids, we reckon that adults who want to customize their own furniture can also enjoy it. Alternatively the studs also means that if you wanted to display your own custom LEGO creations or those from the boxed sets, you’ll have a solid base to play them on and not worry about them falling over or being knocked off.

Nine Associati have designed the Stüda in three different sizes and with a variety of colors to choose from. They will also be made from a surface material called Corian that has been CNC-milled to create the studs, so it’s not as if the furniture was made from LEGO plastic itself. Unfortunately no word on pricing or availability just yet.

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