It has been a while since Huawei launched a new smartwatch and one of the company’s recent patents is anything to go by, the company might be mulling a gaming smartwatch. Huawei has already released a few smartwatches over the past few years so it wouldn’t be surprising if it came out with a new one. However, the shift to a gaming-focused smartwatch will certainly be an interesting one.

Huawei originally filed this patent in mid-December last year and it was published just a few days ago. It follows up on two similar patents that Huawei filed in 2015 and 2016. They showcase the advancements that the company has made to this idea of having a gaming-focused smartwatch.

The latest variant details a smartwatch that can be controlled via its strap through multiple gestures which may allow users to move characters in a first-person shooter game, for example. The patent details a wide variety of input options such as taps and presses which could be used to play games on the device.

It’s still too soon to be sure about a product like this because just because something gets patented doesn’t mean it will end up seeing the light of day. However, if Huawei does come out with a product like this, it will surely be a major differentiating factor for the smartwatch compared to others on the market.

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