Earlier this week Capcom announced that Resident Evil 7 would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch. However this isn’t the version that you would expect, instead it is the “Cloud Version” which is basically the same game but streamed from a server, meaning that all the processing load is taken off the Switch.


However the game’s initial launch seems to be only in Japan, but as noted by Twitter user @eigotaku, there is an English language option in the game which seems to suggest that the game could launch outside of Japan eventually. Typically games released in Japan are in Japanese, which is why even if you have access to the Japanese eShop, you might still have a hard time trying to understand what’s going during the dialog and menu.

That being said if you do have a good grasp on Japanese, both reading and writing, the folks at Nintendo Life have pointed out that the game doesn’t seem to stream so well outside of Japan. It could be the initial launch has some server issues, but as the publication points out, they tried streaming from the UK and the latency is horrible.

Will it get better in time? It’s hard to tell but if you’re so inclined, you can download the game and give it a try. Users will be able to stream for the first 15 minutes for free, after which they will need to pay 2,000 yen for 180 days of access.

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