When it comes to cosplay, all characters are more or less fair game, but given that there are some characters that are more popular and recognizable than others, it is understandable that some are cosplayed more. Take Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft for instance, who is a pretty popular character to cosplay.


For those who are interested in cosplaying as Lara Croft from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you might be pleased to learn that Square Enix has recently put out a very detailed guide on how you can cosplay the character. Granted at a glance Lara Croft’s outfit seems simple enough, but any cosplayer worth their salt knows that the devil lies in the details.

This is where the reference comes in handy, where it lets cosplayers know what kind of materials make up her clothing, covers the various gears that she carriers, the makeshift knife she uses, her bow is shown at various angles, and even small details like a scar that she obtained from the first rebooted game.

If you are intending to cosplay as Lara Croft in the future, then perhaps this might be a guide worth checking out if you want to recreate it as faithful to the original as possible. The guide can be found for free on Square Enix’s website.

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