All the wearable technology you see in the market today is fixed in what they do, meaning that you would have to buy a different wearable for a different purpose. However zGlue wants to change that and have launched zOrigin, a chipset and platform that lets users create and customize their wearable according to their needs.

In a way you could almost think of the zOrigin as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino for wearables, where it will feature an ARM Cortex M0 processor, a bunch of sensors like an accelerometer and temperature sensor, a contact-based heart rate monitor, and LED, Bluetooth, and so on. Basically it contains the necessary hardware that you would need for a wearable, and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

According to zGlue, the zOrigin can be made into all kinds of devices, such as panic buttons, smart jewelry, sensors for your shoes, and fitness trackers. There will also be an online web tool that lets you design other stackable chip designs for other projects. The zOrigin was debuted at the San Francisco Maker Faire where it was presented by Misfit’s founder, Sonny Vu.

Now for those who think that the zOrigin has some merit and is worth taking a look at, head on over to CrowdSupply where it is seeking funding where the developer kit is expected to cost $49.

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