Ever since the iPhone X was released, there have been multiple reports suggesting that the phone might not be selling as well as Apple would have liked. Apple seemed to have hinted at it themselves during their financial report last month where they compared its sales to winning the Super Bowl, except maybe they did not win by as many points as they would like.

So much so that it seems that according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple could order less iPhones this year, possibly to prevent themselves from overstocking on inventory. The report claims that their sources in the supply chain have told them that Apple will apparently order 20% less iPhone components this year, which means that Apple could potentially be shipping 20% less iPhone models compared to the previous year.

According to one of their sources, “Apple is quite conservative in terms of placing new orders for upcoming iPhones this year. For the three new models specifically, the total planned capacity could be up to 20% fewer than last year’s orders.” Apple has been rumored to launch three new iPhones this year, two of which will be flagships with an OLED display, while the other is said to be a slightly more affordable model that will continue using LCD.

That being said while Apple could ship less iPhones, considering that the prices of iPhones has gone up by quite a bit, they could end up selling less but making more money, so it’s not all doom and gloom just yet.

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