The file explorers on our computers let us preview files before we open them. For example users can open a ZIP file to look inside its contents without having to extract all of it. This is something that we’re sure Dropbox users will appreciate the good news is that Dropbox has since expanded the files preview feature to include more file types.

According to Dropbox, “At Dropbox, we want to upgrade the preview experience from passive viewing to active reviewing. So we designed new previews capabilities to be an integral part of your team’s collaboration workflow. Dropbox previews generate more than 300 million views every month. That adds up to a lot of time saved by eliminating the need for downloading. Now you can quickly preview the file and stay in your workflow.”

The new file types that will be supported include AutoCAD previews and DWG files, EPUB files, MXF video previews, and also ZIP and RAR files. This will work similarly to the desktop where users can look inside the file to decide what they want to download. Dropbox has also announced enhancements to its PDF and PowerPoint previews where it lets users jump to specific points in the file during the preview.

That being said, it should be noted that these file previews won’t be available to all users. For example AutoCAD and MXF previews are available for Dropbox Professional, Advanced, Enterprise, and Education users.

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