Every now and then Facebook sends users notifications on Messenger where it prompts them that someone they know has joined Facebook. We suppose it’s a friendly reminder in case there are old friends that you wanted to message, although admittedly for the most part these notifications tend to be more annoying than anything.

The good news is that Facebook is finally doing something about. In a statement made to TechCrunch, Facebook said, “We’ve found that many people have appreciated getting a notification when a friend joins Messenger. That said, we are working to make these notifications even more useful by employing machine learning to send fewer of them over time to people who enjoy getting them less. We appreciate all and any feedback that people send our way, so please keep it coming because it helps us make the product better.”

Basically it means that overtime if you start to ignore these notifications and not respond to them, the machine learning algorithm will think that you’re not interested in receiving them and will cut back on it. Of course how long will this take remains to be seen, but if you’re one of those who are irked by constantly receiving these notifications, hopefully this change is for the better.

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