One of the “problems” with the internet being so free and open is that you can find all kinds of information online, even if they’re not necessarily deemed to be good, such as being able to search for drugs online. While Facebook doesn’t exactly own the internet, they do play a huge part in it and they are looking to do their part.

How, you ask? Basically if you use Facebook to search for opioids, the social network will instead redirect users to a crisis helpline, according to a report from Stat (via CNET). The idea here is to deter users away from opioids (at least illegal ones) and hopefully provide them with the resources that they need to get help curbing their addiction.

Given that Facebook is more than just a social network and also plays home to communities and marketplaces, this initiative could help. In a statement made by a Facebook representative, “This is one of a number of ways we are helping connect people with resources and communities to support them.”

Facebook is not the first company to try and redirect searches. Last year YouTube was also reported to redirect searches of extremist content to anti-terrorism playlists. Of course this doesn’t mean that users can’t find opioids online, it’s just that Facebook will be one less place to look for it.

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