The ability for browsers to create tabs has definitely changed the way we use our browsers and the internet. However the only drawback to tabs is that unlike creating multiple windows, you can’t view multiple tabs at the same time. However the good news for Firefox users is that there could be a feature in the works that will change that.


Dubbed “Side View”, this is a feature that Mozilla is testing out for its Firefox browser. What this means is that users can put two tabs side by side so that you will be able to look at two websites at once. This will come in handy if you’re doing some referencing and don’t want to have to switch back and forth between tabs.

However as Engadget notes, there are some shortcomings to this feature. One of those shortcomings is that it’s not as easy as drag and drop, meaning that for some users it won’t be too intuitive. Secondly the website that you’ve chosen to put in Side View does not have an address bar of its own, which means if you want to load up a different website you won’t be able to do it within Side View itself.

However these aren’t necessarily deal breakers and we reckon the overall usefulness will probably be more welcomed. It is possible that the feature could be improved upon in future builds, but note that for now these are simply tests so what you see now might not necessarily be the final version.

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