As you might have heard, Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch has been announced. As per the announcement, the game will support cross-play meaning that players on different devices will all be able to play together. However it seems that this will include every platform except for Sony’s PS4.

TechCrunch has since confirmed with Epic that the PS4 will not be part of the cross-play where in a statement made by the company, “Cross-play and cross progression on Switch work with Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile.” This is actually not the first time that Sony has opted not to participate in cross-play.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Sony would not support Fortnite cross-play and we guess some were probably hopeful that the company would change their mind further down the road, but this seems to confirm that they haven’t. It is unclear as to why this might be the case, but earlier this year Microsoft seemed to hint that Sony was the one who chose not to take part in it.

Will Sony change their minds further down the road? It’s hard to say but we suppose for non-PS4 gamers, it’s not too big of a deal since they are still able to play against Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile gamers.

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