Many gamers were probably thrilled when they learnt that Fortnite Battle Royale would be coming to mobile devices and that the game would feature cross-platform support. However as you might have heard, cross-platform won’t work between Xbox One and PS4 gamers, so the question is, why?

It turns out that it might be Sony’s fault and that they are holding back on enabling it. This is according to a statement issued to Kotaku where a Microsoft rep was quoted as saying, “Microsoft has long been a leading voice in encouraging the adoption of cross-platform play and the potential of connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles.”

The rep also added, “We’ve worked closely with Nintendo to allow cross-network play between Xbox One and Switch and our offer to do the same with PlayStation players still holds. For any other questions regarding ‘Fortnite’ cross-network play between Xbox and PlayStation, please reach out to Epic or Sony directly.”

This isn’t the first time that fingers have been pointed at Sony for allegedly holding back on cross-platform play. Last year when it was announced that Minecraft would be getting cross-platform support, Sony’s PS4 was missing from that list. It is unclear if Sony plans on changing their stance anytime soon, but it looks like for now Xbox One and PS4 gamers still won’t be able to play with each other.

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