Ads can be annoying when you’re watching TV shows. This is because they interrupt the flow of the show, which is also why platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu are gaining steam quickly due to their lack of ads in their shows. However companies such as Fox need to make money, and they think they might have figured out a way to do so.


In a report from Variety, what Fox plans to do is they are hoping that interesting/compelling ads are a way to keep viewers watching. How will they do this? This will be accomplished through a series of ads called “Unbreakables” which are short and sponsored films that highlight people who have overcome adversity.

Basically the idea is that with these short films, Fox is hoping that it will be interesting enough to keep viewers glued to the screen as opposed to channel hopping away. Of course we suppose that this could still happen if viewers have already seen the ad a couple of times, but it could at the very least persuade viewers to keep watching.

Fox is also hoping that this will give brands a chance at “storytelling”, so not only will these ads help to promote a product/service, but could also be interesting at the same time. Whether or not this will work remains to be seen.

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