The problem that many customers who live outside of the US find is that accessing certain media is not available in their region. A good example was Netflix who for the longest time ever was limited in terms of availability, until the company decided to expand itself to international markets.

Hulu is another platform whose availability is quite limited, but according to a report from, it seems that Hulu will also expand its availability once Disney acquires Fox, which the company is in the process of doing so with the deal expected to be officially and successfully completed in 2019.

At the moment Hulu is the result of a joint venture between Disney, Fox, NBC Universal, and Warner Media. However upon Disney acquiring Fox, they will be taking the majority stake in Hulu at 60%, giving them more control over the company. Some have rightfully wondered what will become of Hulu once Disney’s streaming service is launched, but it is clear that with this announcement, Disney plans for Hulu and Disney+ to exist as completely separate services that are aimed at different audiences.

Of course how long it will take for Hulu to expand to the rest of the world remains to be seen, but for non-US residents, this could be something to look forward to, especially if you’d rather not use VPNs or pirate.

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