Last year Google unveiled the Pixelbook which is basically a Chromebook that has the ability to fold back onto itself where users can choose to use it as a tablet or a regular laptop. Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with Chromebooks or Chrome OS in general, but admittedly platforms like Windows or macOS tend to be more “full” operating systems.

The good news is that maybe Google could be considering creating a Pixelbook that will dual boot both Chrome OS and Windows 10. According to a report from XDA, they have discovered that Google is attempting to get the Pixelbook certified by Microsoft under the Windows Hardware Certification Kit and Windows Hardware Lab Kit.

This means that the hardware has been signed off by Microsoft as being compatible for Windows along with working drivers. It doesn’t make sense for Google to seek the certification unless they are planning on using Windows with it, which suggests that they might be working on a Pixelbook that could dual boot both operating systems.

By doing so it would definitely create a more appealing device, where users who want simplicity can keep using Chrome OS, but if there are apps and tasks that require Windows, they have that option as well. No word on when we might see such as Pixelbook, but perhaps we could learn more later this year when the new Pixel phones are announced.

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